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Enhance your branding knowledge and improve your english skills - 3 jours

Entirely conducted in the English language, the aim of this transversal fashion course is dual: enhancing branding knowledge and improving language skills. It will augment fashion branding notions and terminology, enhance market analysis and hone personal communication skills in English.
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Enhance your branding knowledge and improve your english skills - 3 jours

Date et lieu

21 sept. 2020, 09:00 – 23 sept. 2020, 13:00
Online ou en présentiel

À propos de la formation

- Focus on the brand as an entity unto itself, its creativity, heritage, storytelling, product development and capacity to enchant and impact the target public, whether it be the luxury sector, designer category or middle market.  

- Analyze the degree of your own brand awareness: when you go shopping, are you buying a product, a brand or both?  

- Disassociate the brand and the aura it transmits from the material products it sells.  

- Learn how to articulate and comment upon all of these factors in the English language.   

- Get a chance to study brand identity across the spectrum of different market ranges and how brands create their DNA and hold onto their kudos in an ever-changing and highly competitive market.  

- Can a fashion brand survive without a strong social media presence?   

- What are the new ‘musts’ at stake in the contemporary fashion market and what might make brand image suffer in your eyes?   

-  A look at the brands that make sustainable desirable. Sorting out authentic ecological pursuits from greenwashing.  

- Why is coherence in all matters vital for brand credibility?   

- Brand Identity Versus Brand Image: who knows the difference?  

- Answer these questions and many more after studying the key notions of what makes a strong brand!   

- Boost your fashion vocabulary and ability to put it into practice by expressing views on the French and international contemporary fashion markets and improve your analytical skills via this fully interactive Branding course in English.  



Formation annimée par  Gillian Boughey, Style Consultant chez Karine Arabian, IFM, Esmod Fashion Business, ...

Tarif de la formation : 680 euros

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