Tailor-made formats that can be integrated into your schedule and that of your teams.

Summer seminars, tailor-made training, short programs


Development of skills on a very specific topic, both by the Demonstration and the Feedback of a Fashion and Luxury expert.

Meeting and exchanges with a reference expert, who reveals the keys to his know-how (artistic direction, pattern-making, Haute-Couture, fine arts and crafts...)


Duration for short format classes: 2 hours per unit.



Professional Training



Support by our experts for a tailor-made training, alone or in a team.

Developing your skills and acquire new practices by adapting to changes in your profession, solve specific problems.

The duration of the training varies between 1 day and 3 months of training

These training courses are Datadock qualified and Veriselect certified

Business Leisure

Discover French Fashion as an insider: in the heart of the industry, its history, culture and know-how.



Experience French Fashion from the inside



From 1 to 10 days

Summer Seminars



Complete in-depth sessions on a specific theme from creative know-how to marketability.

In-depth program dedicated to a specific topic, understanding its various aspects and challenges. 

From 5 to 10 days

No upcoming events at the moment
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Esmod Pro s'engage dans une démarche d'accès à la formation pour tous. 

Nous étudierons et si possible proposerons aux personnes en situation de handicap des solutions adaptées pour les accompagner dans l'évolution de leurs compétences. 

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter : (0)1 80 49 36 42