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We offer specific programs addressing all key areas and life stages of a fashion company.

From creating to evolving or retailing your brand, we also cover the full range of entrepreneurship and

e-commerce topics.





Specific areas to expand your skills portfolio.

Expert speakers in their field are chosen according to the chosen sector.




We offer specific programs addressing all key areas and life stages of a fashion company.

From creating to evolving or retailing your brand, we also cover the full range of entrepreneurship and

e-commerce topics.



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  • Become an expert in French Fashion Culture (history and fashion icons)

  • Understand the specific know-how of brands (arts and crafts, high fashion, innovation)

  • French lifestyle: Live like a Local! (consumer behaviors, cultural and social environment)

In-Depth Lectures, Talks and Courses

HAUTE COUTURE: inside an exclusive French label
History and specificities (arts and crafts, know-how)


Luxury Brands

From Couture to RTW brands  
French luxury groups
The evolution of Luxury Brands


Historical Designers

Historical Creators from the 1970s to the present day


French contemporary fashion

Parisian brands
Contemporary fashion (urban brands and influencers)


The French Lifestyle

Culture and Heritage 
Paris shopping and Lifestyle

"Fashion goes out of style, style never.""

Gabrielle Chanel

  • Expanding your Creativity 

  • Personal creative universe: working with inspirations, arts and cultures

  • From Concept to Product 

  • Improving your Creative and Technical skills

  • Standardizing products to optimize their Commercialization 

Fashion Design / Styling
  • Developing your personal universe (from magpie design to design thinking)

  • Creative process

  • Sketching and designing

  • Identifying materials:  supplies, finitions and embellishments

  • Building a collection plan


Model-making / Product Assembling
  • Workroom and studio know-how audit

  • Mastering Technical files

  • Mastering Flat cutting

  • Mastering Moulding

  • Development and standardization of production

"To be irreplaceable, you have to be different."

Gabrielle Chanel



  • Understanding the architecture of a brand concept

  • Mastering know-how to optimize your brand quality/price ratio

  • Finding the right positioning to successfully reach buyers and consumers

  • Developing a distribution network and increasing sales revenue

  • Developing efficient communications

Brand Storytelling
  • Developing your brand specific set of values

  • Developing your brand storytelling codes

Positioning and Targets
  • The fashion and luxury scene: International Brands

  • Profiling today’s Fashion Consumers

  • Workshop: Creating your Consumer Board (lifestyle & environment)

Adopting the Right Price Positioning
  • Product characteristics (know-how / materials / finitions)

  • Sourcing

  • Profitability (selling price / margin coefficient / sales revenue)

  • Price study workshop (competitive context / perceived value)

Developing a Phygital Distribution Funnel (strategy / channels)
  • Offline and Online international sales points overview

  • Keys to a successfully owned point of sale (merchandising / services)

  • Workshop: Retail experience: how to attract and retain customers

The Challenges of Fashion Communications
  • Architecture of a brand platform

  • Communications media and tools

  • Targets / Influencers / Events

  • Social networks

  • Workshop: how to translate a brand identity into an eye-catcher image?

"Your brand is what people say when you're not in the same room.""

Jeff Bezos

  • From the idea to the concept and development of a Fashion or Lifestyle Brand

  • Developing a project that combines Creativity and Profitability

  • Identifying the best Marketing Strategy

  • Creating powerful Brand Content and Visuals for targeted online and offline medias

Finance, Management, Legal

Getting funding 

  • Grants and subventions 

  • Searching for and attracting Private or Public Investors

  • Fundraising for your project

  • Crowdfunding your project

Building your Business Plan

  • Managing Budgets and Treasury

  • Managing Working Capital 

  • Reaching Break-even Point

Monitoring tools

  • Choosing the most relevant Legal Structure

  • Legal Statuses

Choosing partners and defining their legal, financial roles and positions

  • Defining partners legal and financial packaging

  • Industrial property rights

Product Development and Production

Defining your positioning within your sector of reference

  • Identifying your Competition

  • Identifying your Brand Value/Quality/Price

Managing Sourcing and Production

  • Adapting Purchasing and Sourcing according to product specificities and their targeted selling price

  • Managing Production Implementation and Quality monitoring (the different stages)

  • Managing the basics of workroom, studio or atelier audit (checklists, points to check...)

  • Identifying Suppliers and Manufacturers contracts basics 

  • Leads to adopt a more ethical sourcing and production


  • Developing an Integrated Marketing and Communications and offline digital strategy

  • Optimizing Budgets

  • Developing appropriate Brand Platform Content

  • Building Visibility on the web

  • Managing Emailing

  • Managing Social Media 

Wholesale & Retail Offline and Online Distribution
  • Identifying and understating the Specificities of the different Fashion Markets (points of sale – consumer profiles)

  • Developing a BtoB / BtoC marketing plan (how to prospect and reach customer target)

  • Managing Distribution Channels (opportunities and limits with matching margins)

  • Developing e-commerce

  • Developing your Business (direct, agents, distributors)

"An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds an airplane in its fall."

Reid Hoffman


  • Identify your Target Buyers and build your Assortment Plan

  • Find the best Product Range for a Physical and/or Online point of sale

  • Determine Storytelling and Visual Identity

  • Point of sale and Profitability



  • Developing a profitable phygital strategy

  • Creating an effective Visual Merchandising for a unique Customer Experience

  • Providing VIP, Personal shopping and Conciergerie services 

  • Mastering the Technical and Aesthetic product arguments to Optimize Sales

  • Managing a sales team: setting up qualitative and quantitative objectives

  • Mastering CRM tools to build brand loyalty

  • Point of sale Communications for prospects 

Your Market Macro-economics
  • Understand your competitors.

  • Profiling Customers: Fitting brand and target(s)

  • Understanding and managing both buying and selling


Trends and products
  • Identifying leading International Fashion Brands and

  • Products Trends 

  • Generating coherent fashionable silhouettes

  • Understanding main Lifestyles and their expressions in Fashion via accessories and other essential products.

  • Acquiring the professional Clothing and Accessories vocabulary (shapes / materials / colors / finitions)

  • Identifying the right quality/price ratio (materials/manufacturing "made in")

  • Determining purchasing budgets and applying the right margins to ensure profitability

The keys to a phygital strategy


The Physical Point Of Sale
  • The keys to a Unique Customer Experience

  • How to Manage your Customer Relationship

  • Acquiring the appropriate Vocabulary for Creative and Efficient Sales Pitches

  • The keys to successful Visual Merchandising

Digitilizating your Physical Point of Sale
  • Managing Social media 

  • Managing Blogs & Vblogs

  • Managing Omnicanal

  • Managing Social shopping

  • Managing Mobile strategies

  • Mastering the latest strategic trends in e-commerce

  • Knowing the key success factors of an e-commerce site

  • Integrating the key steps to manage an e-commerce project

  • Attracting new customers and retain existing ones

  • Overview of e-commerce Business Models

  • Understanding the main Logistics Distribution Models

  • Choosing a Technical Platform

  • Optimizing the Online Payment Process

  • Understanding the specific e-merchandising rules

  • Creating a blog linked to your website

  • Managing Push and Pull traffic acquisition strategies

  • Managing Personalization of customer relations

  • Mastering Performance monitoring tools

"Whoever masters the Internet, masters the World..."

Christophe Bonnefont

  • Understanding the different strategies of Digital marketing

  • Implementing Multisector Strategies

  • Implementing Differentiation Levers

  • Building a digital marketing mix to establish high-potential Digital Media Synergies

Understanding the current Digital Spectrum
  • Understanding the State of the Online Market

  • Understanding the Evolution of Digital Technology

  • The Keys to Digital Success

  • Understanding and Developing Digital values

  • Managing Strategy

  • Understanding Digital Marketing Investments

How to activate the levers of Digital Marketing
  • Social networks

  • Social videos - tutorials

  • Social gaming

  • E-Advertising

  • Price Comparators

  • SEM referencing

  • Email marketing - mobile marketing

  • Web series - webzines

  • Brand content - brand culture - gamification

  • Domain names

The successes and impacts of digital marketing
  • The golden rules of fashion on the internet

  • Distribution optimization lever

  • Rethinking the physical point of sale

  • How to disrupt traditional communication

The digitization of the shop
  • Social media management

  • Blogs & Vblogs

  • Omnicanal

  • Social shopping

  • Mobile strategies

"Innovation clearly distinguishes the leader from the follower."

Steve Jobs

  • Understand the challenges of CSR in fashion and lifestyle companies 

  • How to develop an eco-responsible project 

  • To know the design thinking approaches for an eco-responsible fashion 

  • Understand the challenges of the supply chain

  • How to translate transparency and ethics into distribution and brand communication 

  • Description and practices of sustainable fashion

  • Overview of international laws and standards

  • Materials, materials and their environmental impacts

  • Traceability in the supply chain

  • How to open and develop an ethical and committed point of sale

  • The keys to ethical and environmental management

"Sustainable development is neither a utopia nor even a challenge, but the condition for the survival of the market economy."
Louis Schweitzer
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